Prescription Food

Regardless of the illness or metabolic problems your pet may have, chances are good that a specific diet has already been developed by the pet food industry. Quinlan Animal Clinic offers dog and cat food manufactured by Hill's, the makers of Prescription Diet and Science Diet brands of pet food. Prescription Diet formulas have been developed for the management of heart, kidney and dental problems. Weight management, allergies and skin problems, and many more are available. Your vet will recommend the right diet for you pet.

Non-Prescription Food

Quinlan Animal Clinic offers Hill's Science Diet dog and cat food. This is a high quality food and is available for a variety of special needs as well as everyday feeding. This could be for a better coat, weight management a sensitive stomach, large breeds and small mouths in dogs. Cats might require hairball control or weight management. Both dog and cat foods are available in adult and mature adult formulas as well as in kitten/puppy formulas.

Homemade Food

Quinlan Animal Clinic can provide you with some recipes designed to address certain issues. An example would be a low sodium diet. These recipes are for those who would like to make their own pet food for their pet.