A Clinic for Companion Animals

Serving Quinlan Texas, and Surrounding Area

1800 E. Quinlan Parkway
PO Box 338
Quinlan, Texas 75474

(903) 356-3156
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Appointment Required
M-T-W & F: 8:00am–5:00pm
Open late on Thursday: 8:00am–7:00pm


No appointments. First come, first-served.
8:00am–12:00 noon

For Emergencies

Emergency services are available
24-hours/day, 365 days/year, at
Veterinary Referral Center of East Dallas
(972) 226-3377

Dr. Claxton

Dr. Claxton is the owner/veterinarian at Quinlan Animal Clinic. He is pictured here with his wife Marcie and their rescue companion, June. Dr. Claxton started the clinic in 1982.

Dr. Trudy Smith

Dr. Trudy Smith is a relief veterinarian at Quinlan Animal Clinic. She earned her DVM degree from Texas A & M University in 2001. Dr. Smith has worked as a 24 hour ER Veterinarian for 14 years and has recently decided in the past year to help out at neighboring clinics. She has recently become certified in Veterinary Acupunture and plans to become fully certified in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Smith and her husband Will have three boys – Clayton, Wyatt, and Grant.

Dr. George Murphy

Dr. George Murphy works part time at Quinlan Animal Clinic as a relief veterinarian on Fridays and Saturdays. Dr. Murphy has owned several of his own practices in the Dallas area and now helps at different clinics part time while continuing educational studies.

Jennifer Baker

Ms. Jennifer Baker joined our team back in March 2018. With her education and skills previously acquired, she is the Manager of Lab/Treatment/Surgery at the clinic. She has been a traveling angel up until now working at veterinary clinics in California, Georgia, and other cities in Texas for a total of 16 years in the field. Ms. Baker graduated from Cedar Valley College of Veterinary Technology in 2000 with an associates degree in Animal Sciences/ Veterinary Technology. She has lived in West Tawakoni with her son, Andrew, and daughter, Shauna since 2011. Her fur-family consists of an Aussie/Border Collie mix named Alice. Alice was a rescued in 2010 and has been a happy Baker Family member since. You are sure to meet Jennifer on your next visit!

Charles Madden

Charles started here at the Quinlan Animal Clinic in 1996 as a veterinary assistant for Dr. Claxton. Mr. Madden is a Certified Veterinary Assistant. He and his wife Sandy have 2 fur-babies named Jasper and Freckles. Charles loves to help our patients here and has long standing relationships with the majority of our customers. He is always eager to help with a smile on his face!

Kathy Lane

Kathy began at Quinlan Animal Clinic in 2012 after receiving her associates degree in Science. She has always loved working with animals and loves helping each and every patient that comes into our clinic. Along with being an assistant here at the clinic she works closely with Texas Best Choices Animal Rescue. Kathy has her own rescue fur-baby named Maggie!

Misty Goodwin

Misty started with Quinlan Animal Clinic in January of 2018. She has spent her whole life raising, caring for, rescuing, and helping animal. She started her college career at Tarleton State University then moved back home to attend Texas A & M University Commerce where she earned her Bachelor Degree in Agricultural Buisness and Masters Degree in Agricultural Sciences. Misty recently married her best friend in May 2018 and has two step-sons. Together her family has 5 dogs; Murphy, Ranger, Prissy, Sadie, and Harley.

Brenda Price

Brenda Price is our front desk receptionist. She started with Quinlan Animal Clinic in January 2018. Brenda loves animals and helping others. She is a mom, grandma, and has 2 feline companions (Mia and Milo) and 1 parrot (Bella).

Kimberly Snyder

Kimberly Snyder and her friend Jax. Kimberly is our second receptionist. You will meet Kimberly either on your way in or out. She will give you a friendly smile and be able to help you as check-in/out.

Dillon Morton

The next Certified Veterinary Assistant is one of the long standing, but youngest staff member here at the clinic. Mr. Dillon Morton started his career at the clinic back in November 2015 as a volunteer while he was a Junior in High School. He has earned his associates degree from Paris Junior College in 2017 and received his Certified Veterinary Assistant certificate in April 2018. Mr. Morton is now studying Animal Science-PreVeterinary Medicine at Texas A & M University Commerce. He plans on continuing college until he receives his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree.